First Dr Visit Follow Up

So Wednesday was my first official Doctor Visit as a Pregnant Patient and WHAT A LET DOWN!!!!


I got there a little early… had to wait… fill out more papers… pee in a cup… sit in a room (fully clothed, I might add, because Yea! Today there would be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happening!)

Once my Nurse Practitioner (NP) joined me in the room she spent some time looking over my charts, looking at my sonogram, recalculating my due date… originally it had been January 11th, she moved it to January 14th. Then she looked over my labs (everything looked good!), made sure I was scheduled for my next sonogram (July 5th, Yay!), and that I had my finger prick test to send into them next week (I think they are testing for Down Syndrome or some other abnormality…) She then proceeded to try and hear Pork Chop’s heartbeat on the doppler machine (it is a little machine that can pick up the noises in your belly from the outside… BTW the heart beat is usually not audible until 10-12 Weeks). So needless to say, she got my hopes up for nothing… as she was unable to find little pork chop in there. After that she asked if I had any questions, and sent me on my way…

See- I told you- BORING!!! AND A COMPLETE WASTE OF  2 HOURS, in my opinion!

Oh well, now I’m looking forward to the next sonogram, followed by my first appointment with my NEW OB… (since my current is a NP, I need to be switched over to the OB’s in the practice for these next few months!) Did I also mention that my current OB office is over an hour from my home and 30 minutes from work… so I am also in search of a NEW OB-GYN, closer to home so that it is more convenient when that time comes, as well as having PaleoPapa able to accompany me on these most exciting Doctor Visits! Haha.

How was your first Dr visit?

How did you find your OB? What should I be looking for?

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day PaleoPapa!!! 

and to all the other Papa’s out there.

Hope it is a truly happy day!

I know it’s silly, but I bought PaleoPapa a little gift from his little Pork Chop:

I hope he likes it!

What’d you get for the Daddy in your life?

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10 Weeks!

10 is for Cupcakes and PORK CHOPS!

I know, I know… just on Wednesday I was posting that we were 9 weeks along and now 3 days later we’re at 10 weeks… don’t you wish all the pregnancy weeks were like that!!! But, after a trip to the doctor for my first official baby check up, they dated the pregnancy based on the sonogram and we are officially at 10 Weeks today!!! HOORAY!  Have a great weekend!


P.S. We’re telling his family today! Wish us luck! We’re So Excited 🙂

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It’s Official: I have a new and FINAL due date (all up to pork chop’s cooperation obviously!!) and it’s:

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Nine Weeks and my First Check Up!

Today marks the begining of our 9th week, and I am excited!!! According to the Bump, Pork Chop is the size of a Green Olive and officially a Fetus and no longer an embryo!

I still can’t believe it… I am in denial… I just can’t imagine that there really is a baby growing in my belly. Can’t wait for the doctor! This afternoon at 2:30 is my very first doctor check up for little baby Pork Chop!  I’ll keep you all posted!!

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Eight is Great!

Here we are…. Pork Chop is 8 weeks old! Hurray!

(P.S. Eight is my FAVORITE number!)

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DON’T Food Shop While Pregnant!!!

or else you will end up with this:

not toooooo bad, until you come to the cupcake!!!  but let me tell you something I’ve learned in these short two months- You have to listen to your body, and give in once in a while to whatever it is your stomach is telling you it needs… and that Red Velvet Cupcake HIT THE SPOT!


anyone else fall off the healthy wagon while shopping on an empty stomach?

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Mid-Afternoon Sickness?

This past Wednesday was the day… my first encounter with the dreaded MORNING SICKNESS!

I woke up Wednesday morning and was just feeling ‘off’. I jumped in the shower, turned the heat up a bit, and just stood there. Afterwards, I needed to lie down for a few minutes to gather myself. I made it through breakfast (two eggs, a banana, and a minty green tea) with no problem and headed to work. Once I got to work I began feeling ‘off’ again. Around lunch time I began to eat my Mexican chicken salad, and I just couldn’t stomach it! I didn’t vomit or need to leave my desk… I just couldn’t eat it! I tried to drink my daily coconut water, SAME THING… I just couldn’t do it!

I realized then that I was up against something greater than myself and I just had to find SOMETHING I would be able to eat. I trekked out to one of my favorite local organic food stores by work: Organico in Ramsey, NJ. I indulged in an organic mixed berry smoothie (banana, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, white grape juice, and ice). I also picked up a roasted chicken sandwich and a Ginger Brew. I figured if I was off the Paleo Wagon for this meal, at least it would be Organic (the bread was a super rich and grainy sprouted bread). The Ginger Brew turned my stomach and I couldn’t drink it… waaaaay to “gingery”, but I imagine in another mind set I would have loved it! The mixed berry smoothie was heavenly, and I’ve gone  back everyday since for another. The sandwich was just what the doctor ordered… I was able to eat it, keep it down, and it even tasted good!

SUCCESS! Here’s to hoping I never experience this again (*fingers crossed*)

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Follow Up Viability Sonogram… dum dum dum

Yep, it’s as bad as it sounds… well that’s what has been going through my head for the last two weeks…

Since our first sonogram showed that Pork Chop “wasn’t up to size” our doctor called to tell me I’d need to go back for a follow up to double check and see what was going on… well obviously this had me freaking out…

Like the true paranoia I am every time I used the bathroom I expected to see blood (I can see this becoming a theme for the next 7 months!!!). Luckily, this has not happened, because it would surely cause me to FREAK OUT! I kept trying to figure out what was going on myself… there were many many convoluted and extreme theories floating around in my head. There was only one rational and level headed reason that made any sense. It is as simple as my normal cycle. My normal cycle is 35 days, unlike the 28 days that most women experience. Therefore I reasoned that I “should” be exactly 1 week “less along” than a “normal” woman who’s last period started on April 6th like me!

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

So I patiently, or not so patiently, waited for the sonogram appointment that was 10 days away.

AND, today was the day! My theory actually ended up being spot on! I am one week “less along” than they thought! Little Pork Chop is officially 7 Weeks and 3 days old. Look how precious:

According to The Bump Pork Chop is about the size of a blueberry!! I even got to hear the heartbeat. It was going at a nice strong 159!!! According to two old wives tales/prophecies it’s looking like Pork Chop could be a little baby GIRL!!! The first is an old Chinese Gender Chart. The second is that a heart rate above 140 is a girl, and below is a boy. But then again, many of the lovely ladies I know say the heartbeat is not reliable at all, and according to the gender chart I should be a BOY!!! So I’m not putting much into this prediction! But excited non-the-less.

Here’s to a great weekend!

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Here’s Pork Chop!

At 5 weeks, 4 days old!  (from our first sonogram appointment)

Pork Chop’s the little blob inside the faint circle in the black circle!!

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