Nine Weeks and my First Check Up!

Today marks the begining of our 9th week, and I am excited!!! According to the Bump, Pork Chop is the size of a Green Olive and officially a Fetus and no longer an embryo!

I still can’t believe it… I am in denial… I just can’t imagine that there really is a baby growing in my belly. Can’t wait for the doctor! This afternoon at 2:30 is my very first doctor check up for little baby Pork Chop!  I’ll keep you all posted!!

About paleoandpregnant

I'm not yet 30, recently married, and just found out I'm pregnant! I've been following the paleo way of living since January 2011, and am excited to continue my journey through pregnancy and beyond. I'm here to write about my experiences and create a community of like minded moms and moms-to-be who can share their joys and fears during this very exciting 10 month journey!
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1 Response to Nine Weeks and my First Check Up!

  1. Nancy S. says:

    Just bookmarked your blog for future reading. I’m planning to be pregnant soon so I’m researching what other women have done. I see you are going with cravings and occasionally indulging so I was wondering what is our diet working out to be on the average? Have you upped your carb intake any? What was it before? Added in any foods that you didn’t eat before? I know some some recommend adding whole grains to get the number of carb grams higher. I love details like that so hope you’ll blog some about this in the future. Anyway, looking forward to watching your progress. Good luck!

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